ACS_Giving_Report_2020 | Page 23

The ACS Class of 2020 joined all the other graduating classes all over the world in having a senior year to remember . Not much of it was business as usual . Most of it was a curveball – and not in a good way .
To the credit of the seniors , and the professionalism of the Counseling Office , college and university applications went out on time . The results were impressive .
They have been accepted to colleges and universities as prestigious and as diverse as Cambridge , King ’ s College , the University of Arts , London , Brown , Carnegie Mellon , Columbia , Dartmouth , NYU , UC San Diego , Yale , the American University in Bulgaria , the American University in Paris , The Australian National University , Berlin University of Applied Sciences , Bocconi , Czech Technical University .
Then , the scheduled graduation date came around – and the school was still closed . The overwhelming wish of seniors , faculty , and administration to acknowledge in a proper way the accomplishments of this remarkable class saw us through to a ceremony that was one of a kind yet spectacular , in accordance with safety and health guidelines . Following social distancing rules , we were able to hold our Commencement in person on our campus . Parents of our graduates also had the opportunity to participate . The ceremony was live-streamed on our social-media channels for those unable but wishing to witness the event .
US Ambassador Herro Mustafa congratulated the Class of 2020 Renowned Bulgarian novelist and publisher Zachary Karabashliev , key-note speaker , said :
“ Trust me on this : It may take some time , but your moment will come . And you have to be ready for it . What you must do in the meantime , waiting for your moment to come is very important : build character .
“ But I already have character ! you might say . Yes , you do . But it is an ongoing project , it shouldn ’ t stop when you turn 18 or 21 or 40 . You don ’ t stop building a bridge in the middle of the river , do you ? You don ’ t stop building a three-story house when only the first floor is done .”