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ing the students who wish to participate , to send home videos of their performances . After active discussions and additional guidance , the student performers recorded their final versions .
*** At the outset of the state of emergency the Manager of the Student Computer Innovation and Fabrication Institute ( SCIFI ) David Yordanov and ACS alumnus of the Class of 2019 Taniel Gulian , partnered to help in the fight against the spread of COVID-19 . In their free time Taniel and David voluntеered to 3D print headbands and laser-cut visors to produce the protective face shields , already donated to 6 hospitals across the country .
*** At the beginning of the second semester ACS junior Yana Peeva participated in the Sustainergy6 International Youth Competition for Renewable Energy , held in Israel . In the course of a week , each of the eleven teams , comprised of students from Croatia , Italy , Germany , Lithuania , the Netherlands , the Czech Republic , Portugal , Cyprus , Slovenia , Romania , Hawaii , and Israel , had to solve a different engineering problem , using biomimicry . Yana ’ s team received the 3rd place award with their project for an enzymatic fuel cell , Ethacell .
*** The Yale Club of Bulgaria ( YCB ) announced the winners of its first annual Yale Book Award for Exceptional High School Students . ACS students Pavla Petrova and Teodor Baltov are among the five winners .
ACS 11th grader Magdalena Borisova and 10th grader Viktoria Pelovska , together with the Bulgarian National Women ’ s Golf Team , won first place at the European Ladies Team Shield Championship 2020 . Over the course of 4 days the national team competed against representatives from Poland , Romania and Ukraine . After prevailing convincingly over the teams from Romania and Ukraine , the Bulgarian athletes only needed a draw against last year ’ s champions from Poland . Thanks to Magdalena ’ s stable play and the hole she won at the last single , the team earned a draw , which brought them the gold medals .