2015 KIAC Annual Report | Page 7

Arts Education As part of its mandate to provide high quality arts education programming for community members and visitors to Dawson, KIAC offered dozens of educational opportunities during 2015. Most courses and workshops were delivered on site in KIAC’s classroom, music studio, or ballroom. From encouraging the development of six-year-old children to fulfilling the lifelong dreams of 70-year-olds, the educational offerings found fertile ground, with 300+ participants in 35+ courses. The year we celebrated the International Craft Year, with a focus on craft related courses. We also looked to ongoing artist development by creating a silk screening club so that artists could carry on after participating in a silk screening workshop. A diverse offering of courses covered the gamut of art forms, including: mosaics, watercolours, painting, drawing, piano, guitar, media arts, dance, and writing. 2015 annual report 7