1963-Voice Of The Tennessee Walking Horse 1963 October Voice - Page 11

October KEEP TALKING—Cont. Fine advertising for the Celebra­ tion results from word-of-mouth ad­ vertising and Mrs. Rex (Chris) Bar­ ger’s attendance at the Silver Anni­ versary Big Show was a good example. In sending in her subscription to the Voice she said: “Through talking with Marvin Wil­ son and the folks at Kiblers (Paul Whitehead and Mr. Bohl) I have got­ ten the Celebration bug, and will leave lunch-making and taking (the kids to school) to my husband so I can be present at the Silver Anniversary. Hope I will get to say hello to you in person and wish you luck in continuing the Voice operations.” * % S& New Friend In Kokomo, Ind. Alfred A. Ball of R.R. 6, Box 373, Kokomo, Ind., could not attend the Celebration due to a coronary condi­ tion but he is soaking up all available reading material about the Tennessee Walking Horse. He subscribed to the Voice, asked for our Biography, and says he has three volumes of Famous Saddle Horses by Suzanne, and also has The American Saddle Horse by Earl Farshler. He also makes a suggestion about classified advertising that we have passed on to the new management. This Editor-In-Chief job has relieved me of all such responsibilities, and I am most glad. Also mighty glad to hear from a kind gentleman from Indiana like Alfred A. Ball must be. *: =» A Special Friend Heard From Mrs. G. E. (lone) Erickson, Box 18, Route 7, Union Gap, Wash, qualifies as an extra-special friend of the Green family. She always remembers our an­ niversary. Mrs. Erickson also tells us that she raised a colt without her mother . . . but omitted details. Some friends also borrowed her magazines about showing horses and forgot to re­ turn them. We will try to fill in but do not have a single first issue left — and also there are blanks in some other dates, i.e. May, July, 1962; and Jan- urary. April, 1963. Mrs. Erickson, in­ cidentally, especially likes these Regis­ trations Mary Frances works so hard to get. From Two “Horse Wanters” Here’s a letter that touches our hearts: “Dear Sir: I don’t exactly know what catagory of Horse Lover we fall under. We’re not owners — mostly ‘wanters’—avid ‘Show Watchers’—but definitely ‘Tennessee Walking Horse Lovers. Imagine our delight and sur­ prise upon receiving our first issue of the VTWH to read that our favorite trainer, Billy Liles of Hy-Tyre Farms, Gibsonia, Pa., will be one of the judges at the Celebration. “Our area is slowly gaining in Walk­ ing Horse popularity and Hy-Tyre’s ‘Waltzing Matilda’ is and has been the first in the Tri-State in my estima­ tion. We have thought for a long time that she is Lexington and Celebration material. “This year at Lexington we did sec a TWH named ‘Sun’s Delight’ to thrill us in the way Billy Liles and ‘Tillic’ have. We love our first issue of the Voice and await eagerly the next one. Sincerely. Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. West, 63, Wcirton Mine Road, Mor­ gantown, West Va.” Welcome! New Owners “We have just bought our first Walking Filly and know absolutely nothing about them but we arc having her trained and hope to learn our­ selves,” says a leter from Mrs. Lola Rcdeman — wife of Bill, 1108 Preston Drive, Nashville 6, Tenn. So natural­ ly they subscribed to the Voice and we predict they will learn a lot from just reading. And that filly will teach them too — with a lot of added happiness to their lives. We are experienced in Horse Van construction . . . For com­ plete information drop in or Call BERT BROWN FORD. MOVE WITH FORD IN ’64 When the '64 Show Season arrives ... be ready with a new horse van powered by a dependable, durable, econom­ ical Truck by FORD. Try these for size . . . F-500 & F-600 NEW FORD MEDIUMS ... big on everything but price and operating cost! Here are two-tonners that skimp on nothing but price and operating cost! Now you can get big hauling jobs done for a lot less than you'd expect. Ford mediums offer thrifty 223-cu. in. Sixes as standard, and a choice of V-8's optionally. Ford's husky 262-cu. in. HD Six is available on F-600 Series for really tough jobs. This all-truck engine has 25 heavy-duty engine features built-in for long-term durability and reliability -- at a low price! Come in and let us show you how Ford mediums can be equipped to do your biggest hauling job dependably ... your smallest job profitably! 0 ® 0 9 . ° ° - 0 TRY TOTAL PERFORMANCE FOR A CHANGE! FORD BERT BROWN FORD 4509 Rossville Blvd. Chattanooga, Tenn. Ph. 624-1541