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Voice of the Tennessee Walking Horse LADY GO LIGHTLY, m, by Stately Allen out of War­ rior’s Gay Blade, foaled June 1, 1960. Owner, Christine Nichols, Ft. Myers, Fla. GO BOY’S LADY ANN M., m, by Go Boy's Pride out of White Lady Ann, foaled Feb. 15, 1962. Owner, Troy J. Marlin, Leaksvillc, N. C. HAL’S EVENSONG, m, by Hal Wilson out of T. T. Mid­ night Melody, foaled May 3, 1962. Owners, FI. M. & Joanna C. Lamberton, Peru, Ind. LITTLE SISTER, s, by The Pharaoh out of Dainty Breeze, foaled Jan. 10, 1962. Owner, Chester E. Cox, Maud, T exas. PHARAOHS CHAP, s. by The Pharaoh out of Baldwin Blaze, foaled June 20, 1962. Owner, Chester E. Cox, Maud, Texas. PAM GATLIN'S STRIDE, m, by Big Stride out of Peggy Sue, foaled April 14, 1960. Owner, Otto Corum, Madison- ville, Ky. ESTRILLITA STAR, m, by Merry Boy’s Flash out of Gay Judy, foaled April 1, 1961. Owner, C. F. Houser, Tyler, Texas. A SNOWFLAKE, m, by Bessie H’s Merry Boy out of Gay Judy, foaled March 11, 1962. Owner, C. F. Houser, Tyler, Texas. MIDNIGHTS MOON TALK, m, by Sun Big Stride out of Strollin Black Angel, foaled June 11, 1960. Owner, Wil­ liam C. Thomas, Blouniville, Term. GO BOY’S IMPALA, s, by Go Boy’s Cadillac out of Mid­ night Cindy, foaled Jan. 8, 1962. Owner, Wm. Henderson & Son. Prairie, Ala. MIDNIGHT BLUE TIMES, m, by Midnights Sun Time out of Wilson’s Blue Girl, foaled July 8, 1962. Owner, Ar­ thur Jensen, Olathe. Kans. ELEANOR FAYE'S GLORY, m. by Spur’s Roan Allen out of Chip's Blue Fancy, foaled Feb. 28. 1961. Owner, Mil­ ler DeRamus, Marion, Ala. KING'S LADY ANN. m. by Flashy Snow King out of Maud Pardon, foaled June 27, 1961. Owners, C. C. Mc- Clung & Mickey Sutton. SUN UP'S MAY DAY, m, by Go Boy’s Sun-Up Again out of Midnight Shelia, foaled May 1, 1960. Owner, Hilary Yciser, Owensboro, Kv. RED ROAN OF G REN OAKS, s. by Big Sandy out of Nancy Priss Allen, foaled March 10, 1962. Owner, Gene Forgsgren, Ft. Smith. Ark. GAT’S LILLY MAY TONEY, m, by Big Stride out of Gatlin’s Peggy Ann, foaled May 1, 1960. Owner, David E. Gatlin, Crossvillc, Tenn. EAST FORK MIDNIGHT DR. s, by Dr. John of Mid­ night out of Gatlin’s Peggy Allen, foaled Sept. 18, 1962. Owner, R. S. Jackson. Oak Ridge, Tenn. SCOTTS BELLE, m, by Forrest's Scout out of Fancy Baby, foaled April 28. 1955. Owner, Jerry Hal Scott, Florence, Ala. WING COMMANDER, s, by Pride of Wartrace out of Lady Lucy, foaled April 21. 1962. Owner, Cleve Jernigan, Wartrace, Tenn. PRIDE’S RED EAGLE, s. by Pride of Wartrace out of Grissom’s Dollie, foaled April 19, 1962. Owner, Cleve Jerni­ gan, Wartrace, Tenn. MAKER’S HEIRESS, m, by Pride of Wartrace out of Maker’s Best, foaled May 18, 1962. Owner, Cleve Jernigan, Wartrace, Tenn. FICHTNERS POT O’GOLD, m, by Eagles Gold Dust out of Lady Jim, foaled May 25, 1961. Owner, Wm. E. Ficluner, Waverly Hall, Ga. INVASION’S RIO, s, by Go Boy’s Invasion out of Noes Rio Rita, foaled April 7. 1962. Owner, J. E. Dendy, Trinity, Ala. WENNER’S WISH, m, by Wenner’s Rocket out of Kissie Mazie Beauty, foaled July 30, 1962. Owner, Dr. Louis H. Wittrock & Kaiherina B. Witt rock, Watkins, Minn. WENNER'S LEE, s, by Wenner’s Rocket out of Beauty Sunlight, foaled June 8. 1962. Owner, Mary Katherine Bis- chof, Watkins, Minn. GO BOY’S TOUCH ME NOT, m, by Merry Go Boy out of Sun’s Birdy Wilson, foaled May 29, 1962. Owner, R. M. Pcercy, Brentwood, Tenn. SUN OF TI-1E HILLS, s, by Grey Sun out of Lady of Continued on page 12 11 plan would help to insure that only the most qualified sires would be retained as breeding stock. Early Registration Urged Q—When should a colt be registered ? A—You should register a colt within the year in which it is foaled. That is before January 1 of the year following the date of its foaling. Ages of horses are computed on the basis that January 1 is the birth date of all horses, and all become one year old officially on the January 1 after they are foaled. Some people do not register during this first year, but we urge all to register colts within the year in which they are foaled. You can have time to ascertain the coloring, mark­ ings and other characteristics that are shown on the papers when prepared. The Breeders’ Association provides a regis­ tration application form on which all these facts should be recorded. When an application for registration is prepared the breeders must specify if the horse has been bred through natural service or through artificial service. Under no cir­ cumstances does the Breeders’ Association at this time per­ mit registration of artificially bred foal. This positive regulation against registration of artificially bred foal of either sex took effect under a rule which reads: The produce of any stallion resulting from artificial insemina­ tion on and after September 1, 1953, which artificial in­ semination takes place on and after September 1, 1953, shall not be eligible for registration on and after Septem­ ber 1, 1953. All applications for registration shall state whether the foal was the result of natural or artificial serv­ ice. This statement shall be signed by owners of both stal­ lion and mare. All applications for registration must be prepared in ink and these applications become a part of the record. Q—When should a colt be named? A—The application for registration should bear a name proposed for your colt. The application blank carries space for three names in the order of the owner’s preference. Any name can be used—just so it does not duplicate a name already assigned and does not have more than 18 spaces or letters—spaces incl uding all characters and punctuation marks. How To Name Your Horse The limitation on spaces is made necessary by the fact that room on the registration certificate is limited—and all information thereon is carefully typewritten. In some cases where names have been used previously in registrations a letter can be placed either before or after the name—thus clearly identifying the horse. Frequently this letter is taken from the sirname of the owner filing the registration papers. For instance—suppose you had a horse named Wilson’s Go Boy and the name had already been used. Suppose your name was Bill Jones, you could use such a name as Wilson’s Go Boy J. or J. Wilson’s Go Boy. There is no rule against using names that might be used as an advertising medium. If you were in the automobile Continued on page 12