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December, 1962 12 Continued p om page 11 Registrations business and desired to do so you might name a horse Mr. Chevrolet, Mr. Ford or otherwise. Quite often the owner selects a name that ties in with the sire of the colt. Quite often you see a name such as Go Boy's Big Horse or Midnight Sun’s Man or a similar com­ bination. Naturally such a name identifies the colt or horse forever as being connected directly with a world-renowned stud. This plan is good for an advertising medium also. It is not a bad policy to have a horse that can carry the name of a world’s champion as a sire—and lots of people do it with their animals. Q—How many horses as your association registered? A—We have more than 60,000 horses on our registration books at this time (August 15, 1962). These records are kept in a fireproof vault, under lock and key, with a vault door that has a combination lock. No one has access to these records except the office personnel here. We do not allow anyone to fool with these registration records, and once a horse is registered—his name or her name cannot be change if the animal has sired or produced a foal. The name can be changed on payment of a $10 fee if the animal has not sired a foal or produced a foal. Q—Explain how some of the 5-generation pedigrees in­ dicate an animal has some antecedents which are untraced or unknown. A—Animals listed in pedigrees with their sires or dams not identified indicate the animals were approved when the association was first organized—on the basis of either production or performance. In some instances the names of the sires or dams were not available, but the horses them­ selves were able to execute the true Tennessee Walking Horse gaits or they produced horses that could perform the gaits to the satisfaction of association officials. A lot of these horses that were so registered at that time have proved to be outstanding producers—and all of these horses that were registered on production have now been assigned numbers—and steps have been taken to search out their pedigrees. Some of these were listed as foundation horses. Why Just 11 It Foundation Animals Q—Why are the foundation animals limited to 114? A—At the time formation of a registry was begun by the Association the officials selected the horses that had produced horses that produced additional generations of horses that were true Tennessee Walking Horses. Of course a lot of these horses listed as foundation horses had been dead for many years. Development of a registry began shortly after the Breeders’ Association was organized at a meeting in Lewisburg, Tenn. on April 27, 1935. The As­ sociation was duly chartered according to the laws of Ten­ nessee May 11, 1915. The first volume of the Register was published in 1938. It listed 61 horses as Recognized Deceased Sires and Dams which were given F-numbers indicating they were Foundation Sires and Dams. Others were added later until 1950. Registry number assignments began at 350001. Foundation numbers ran to 115 in all, but Continued from page 11 the Hills, foaled May 30, 1961. Owner, Janies R. Stone, Rust- burg, Va. HILLS SUN, s, by Grey Sun out of Lady of the Hills, foaled June 9, 1962. Owner, James R. Stone. Rustburg, Va. BIG SHOTS LADY HARRIS, m, by Sun’s Big Shot out of Short Line Luc, foaled July 10, 1962. Owner, Burt Harris, Berea. Kv, NIGHT GYPSEY'S MAID. m. by Midnight Sun out of Ballarina, foaled May 7, 1962. Owner, Burt Harris, Berea, Kv. GLASS MERRY MAJORETTE, m, by Major’s Midnight Jet out of Merry Dorns Allen, foaled May 17. 1962. Owner, Mrs. C. W. Glass, Lancaster, Ky. MODEST MAID'S DOT, m, by Midnight Mack K out of Modest Maid, foaled May 13, 1961. Owner, Columbia Rock Products Corp., Columbia, Tenn. PERFECT SHADOW, m, by Go Boys Shadow out of Maid of Snow, foaled May 11, 1962. Owner, Fred S. Wig­ gins. Shelbyville, Tenn. SHADOW’S SOUVENIR, s, by Go Boy's Shadow out of Elizabeth Ritter, foaled May 15, 1962. Owner, Fred S. Wiggins, Shelbyville, Tenn. GO BOY’S CINDY LOU, m, by Sun’s Go Boy Again out of Go Boy's Lady Star, foaled May 13, 1962. Owners, Larry Gribble & Hobart Gribble, McMinnville, Tenn. MERRY MISS VALENTINE, m, by Circle T. Merry’s Boy out of Frances Beckham, foaled Feb. 13, 1962. Owner, C. Vale Mayes, Edinburg, Texas. MIDNIGHT BUDDY S, s, by Pride of Cumming oul of Show Boy’s Queen, foaled June 6, 1959. Owner, Herbert Smith. Roswell, Ga. RAMIE’S GOLD COIN, s, by Spiller’s Gold Dust out of Kamiak, foaled May 6, 1962. Owner, Abe L. Haynes, Culdcsac, Idaho. GO BY NIGHT, s, by On Clear Midnight out of Mel­ ody Song, foaled June 22, 1961. Owners, Dr. and Mrs. S. D. Wiles, Mooresville, Ind. THE SHADOW, s, by Go Boy's Shadow out of Star’s Lady Ann, foaled May 28, 1959. Owner, Dr. J. Homer Crim, Huntsville, Ala. GO BOY’S SUNDAE, m, by Hillcrest Go Boy out of Comanche Sue. foaled Mar. 29, 1962. Owners, Mr. and Mrs. George A. Jackson, Columbia, Mo. STERLING’S JEEP, s, by Gypsy Rose’s Jeep out of Sterlings Juno, foaled April 20, 1962. Owner. Harold Metz- ner, Charlotte, N. C, BOYLE LAVASITA, m, by Cream Chance out of Knights Desert Gold, foaled June 20, 1962. Owner, Edward L. Boyle. Memphis, Tenn. JET'S BIG SUR