YH JAN-FEB 2019 | Page 24

SPIRIT I am not afraid of death or suffering anymore because in all that I see a story separate from my truth, the ultimate truth that I live with, the eternal, ever youthful, and ever fresh, beyond age, truth. These stories can come and go, they have come and gone like blink and a miss appearance in my existence but the eternal truth story of mine has always been there. This separate story is different from truth. Since we are not able to see the complete truth and the complete package that we are, this worldly life is like an illusion because we are not able to realize and perceive it in the light of the larger truth. It is a reality that is beautiful and if we are able to realize it then we can fulfill the mission of our human incarnation. Being human is not a pain; it is an opportunity to serve the giver, the divine, the divinity, the very current of life itself, the eternal truth. We need to realize the beauty of this life, this creation. The suffering vanishes if we are immersed in bliss, if we are beyond and yet within. Everything becomes part of an eternal, immortal and ever continuing beauty and bliss. We come, fulfill our purpose, go back to where we came from and come back when it’s time. If we are able to see everything including these material realms from the seat of the void, from the seat of bliss and truth, then everything is truth. However, materialism becomes illusion when we look at it from a different place, a place of ignorance. Life lived with ignorance is difficult. About the author : Yogi Ishan is a remote meditator, conscious writer, speaker on Yogic sciences & inner travel, Meditation Guide, Yoga Master, and Mystical Travel Guide with over 10 years of experience. He has led Yoga groups all over the world including Ladakh, Rishikesh, Singapore, Hampi and Dharamsala focussing on deep meditation, autonomous Yoga, chanting and other Yogic Kriyas. His workshops comprise of an amalgamation of practices such as fire ceremony, nature rituals, mantras, mudras and life transforming kriyas - all consciousness based. 22 www.yogicherald.com Jan./Feb. 2019