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KIDS WORSHIP CULTIVATE A CULTURE OF WORSHIP | By Yancy Last time I shared some thoughts with you reach, but, there are songs like “We Believe”, eight weeks or six months. Make a list of what about steps you can take to cultivate a culture “Good Good Father” or “Oceans” that work has improved, grown, taken steps. It will help of worship within your church. Remember, each well with a wide variety of ages. You can break you and those that serve with you to stop and age group is a step in the development and the barriers of age by creating a set filled with reflect and evaluate what is/isn’t working and should help individuals grow toward the next some of these congregational and Christian what the next step needs to be. And at times step. Each ministry area should be working radio hit songs that young and old can be what song needs to not be done anymore or together to build upon the foundation that has familiar with. Fill up a special night with those go on a hiatus. As you evaluate on an ongoing been laid before. I want to challenge you with songs by giving families an opportunity to basis: weekly, monthly, quarterly, use the these additional steps. worship together. Break up the night and have mission statement as the bar to check and see the different teams that lead worship for your how you are progressing and developing kids FOCUS ON WORSHIP. church work together. You could do mini-sets in their understanding of and participation in worship focused on different age levels, or mix things up worship. with a series focused on the subject. A throughout the night to create an environment lack of participation comes from a lack of where all ages in a family can worship together. Teach your congregation about Take some time to reflect on your current understanding of what worship is and why we worship culture. Ask yourself these questions: do it. You may be in a season where to help • those you lead understand it more you focus in for a time doing a sermonette during worship about the subject. Any age group can focus in and grow in their Biblical understanding of A lack of worship each week? • services to sing and worship. For instance, I’ve met children’s leaders who • comes from • how will they ever learn if they never experience them? Don’t steal from them their opportunity to worship. Go through the messy challenges a lack of “The task of the modern educator is not to cut How have you seen growth over the past six months in how your congregation worships? Please understanding of what worship is of change to help teach them what worship is about and how they can do it. C.S. Lewis said, How do you get the boys/men in your class to get involved? say “we don’t do slow songs because our kids don’t know how to respond to them.” Hmmm, How do you have people model how to participate? participation worship. This should be obvious but it isn’t always so make sure you make time in your How do you teach about why and how to remember, worship happening in another room is not competition to what you do in kid’s worship. For every age, worshipping God is a key part of why we gather as believers and our personal walk with Christ. As you begin this conversation and develop a relationship and why we do it. down jungles but to irrigate deserts.” This is a with the leadership in your church, I believe what you can accomplish together will be far greater than what you can each do on your beautiful word picture of what it’s like to teach own. Developing a vision for worship at every hearts how to direct their affection to the Lord Another idea is to bring in a guest worship age level is a worthy and important task. I can’t in worship. leader that can lead a wide range of ages to wait to see the harvest that comes from the create a special night of worship for families. (I seeds you plant. Build a culture of worship where not only are know a great girl who does that! :) ) they given the experience but they understand how to respond and participate in it. SET TIMES TO EVALUATE. Especially in the seasons we want big change Lastly, have worship nights. Yes, ministries it’s easy to get discouraged feeling like the that are strategic will have different sounding change isn’t happening. Set times to reflect and and looking worship for the different ages they evaluate how you have seen growth in the past Yancy Yancy is a worship leader and songwriter for kids that travels the globe doing family concerts and training worship leaders. Every week her songs are used in thousands of churches around the world. Yancy has a passion to serve the Church which is why she created “Heartbeat”, a five lesson curriculum series to teach kids the heart of worship while exploring David’s life. She lives with her husband and sons in Nashville, TN. ©2019 Yancy Ministries, Inc. YancyMinistries.com