World Monitor Magazine April 2017 | Page 64

EXPERT OPINION Sharing pure energy In more than 150 years of working, the Finnish company Tikkurila has gone through many changes. Today Tikkurila specialises in the production of materials and provides customers and professionals convenient and eco-smart solutions to protect and design surfaces. Anton Peshkov, the CEO of Tikkurila in Central Asia and Kazakhstan, shares about the Expo-2017 participation. Can you describe what the Finnish pavilion at Expo-2017 in Astana will look like? Finland is represented at the Astana Expo-2017 with its own pavilion, under the theme ‘Sharing Pure Energy’. We are ready to present the Finnish energy efficiency know-how and clean-tech expertise for Expo attendees. Well-known Finnish brands will demonstrate their achievements in education, healthcare and digital products. Anton Peshkov, the CEO of Tikkurila in Central Asia and Kazakhstan Антон Пешков, руководитель Tikkurila в Центральной Азии и Казахстане 60 world monitor We want to drive change in the painting and construction industry, and promote high- quality, safe, and environmentally sustainable products. Our presence at the Expo is an important opportunity for us to showcase our products and expertise as a surface treatment professional, introducing the wide possibilities of surface protection and decoration that comply with high ecological standards. Why did you choose Kazakhstan for opening the production? Tikkurila’s painting production factory in Kazakhstan is a pilot project, opened in 2015 implementing a new concept developed by our company. The concept includes a small and flexible automated production of waterborne decorative painting materials and is unique for its equipment, non-waste production and environmental friendliness. Kazakhstan became the first platform to launch this innovative Which technologies will Tikkurila present for project due to its favourable business climate Expo guests? and positive outlook on foreign investors. Our company is one of the key partners of the Finnish pavilion. By the end of 2015 Tikkurila was awarded for its significant investment into Kazakhstan, At the Expo, Tikkurila will promote its as demonstrated by Innovative factory was developments for energy efficiency and a more mentioned multiple times in Asset Issekeshev sustainable living. who mentioned this innovative factory in his speeches while serving as the Minister All the interior and exterior surfaces of the of Investment and Development and now Finnish pavilion will be painted with Tikkurila the Akim of Astana. He emphasized the brand's surface treatment solutions. Paint plays importance of the investors’ role in building a major role, as color and lighting link each up production, inventing new projects and building's architecture, surfaces and atmosphere opening up new quality working places with to its theme and content. Our goal is to create high level efficiency. strong contrasts and experiences and use various means, inviting the exhibition visitors to We are on target, aiming at all this at Tikkurila engage in Expo. Kazakhstan. The pavilion is designed by our partners Ateljé Sotamaa and consists of five freestanding buildings made of cross-laminated timber. Each of the buildings has its own interior decoration and atmosphere, supporting the Expo concept. One of the buildings is dedicated to energy production technology, another to energy efficiency, the third to clean water, the fourth to education, while the fifth building houses a café. The concept of each building combines the natural and digital world.