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Women & Communication
I ' ve been watching men approach brides for years , and the trait that the majority of guys seem to be lacking ? The ability to communicate . I have simplified my game beyond belief , and it ' s all due to my ability to communicate with brides . Once you learn how to communicate , picking up brides is incredibly simple . I rarely use any real techniques , as my game is simply based on picking up on the cues brides give me and responding accordingly .
For example , I use what I call the Power Play to take brides home because I know she is is in a state where she is willing to come home with me . And when I focus on commonalities , it ' s nothing more than me noticing that she seems to be responding very well to a given subject . Here are some general tips that I ' ve learned throughout the years that may be helpful to many of you :
Make the conversation about her
Again , I only talk about myself when it directly relates to something we have in common . And even then , I quickly refocus the conversation on her . Brides love to talk about themselves , so let them . It shows that you aren ' t self-centered and that you do care about what they have to say .
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Be open about your emotions
I once asked one of my bi-sexual girlfriend ' s why the feminine type lesbian date lesbians who look like men when they can just have a real man . Her response ? " Brides are just more sensual and open about