WNiF Magazine - Spring 2017 Edition | Page 22

We also have some solutions and ideas heads. Functional Altitude Training Room Aerial Yoga Studio We have always taken a different approach when it comes to marketing our clubs. WNiF: You are located on the first floor within a (very large) shopping centre, are there any drawbacks from this type of location?  EMF: We’ve had our challenges with tenants below and the vibration generated from dropping weights and the cardio equipment, but nothing serious. The foot traffic through the shopping centre is a solid source of lead generation.  WNiF: You have both a Cardio and Functional Altitude Training Rooms, is this a membership ‘add-on’ and has this type of training/service been popular with your members? EMF: We have had an amazing response from our members with the altitude training rooms. The theory of ‘Less Time, Less Effort for the Same Results’ means that the everyday exerciser can improve their fitness when they incorporate a 20-minute altitude session into their 22 workout. The altitude rooms are a membership ‘add on’, however, we offer complementary instructor led group altitude classes which gives members an opportunity to experience the effects and benefits of altitude training before upgrading their membership. WNiF: You also have the world’s first altitude training pool. Where did the inspiration come from to include this? EMF: We wanted to have the ability to cover all training outcomes and altitude swimming was something that no one could achieve. Whether a competitive or an average swimmer, now there’s a 25-metre altitude swimming pool at their doorstep. 90% of the time our pool is used for everyday swimming and Aqua Classes. In a very short period of time we can take it to altitude and have competitive athletes improving their times in a world-class training environment. A number of swim schools, triathlon clubs, pro athletes and teams have shown interest in training in our altitude pool, which reinforces the decision to include it within the EMF Performance Centre here at Robina. WNiF: It’s hard to not to give you bragging rights—a private ladies only training room, powerlifting room, military training room, sprint track, X-fit training room, boxing room with cage, Pilates reformer studio, Kinesis rehab section, physiotherapy team, athlete coaching, nutritionist, dietician, sports and remedial massage, supplement store, café, men’s and ladies sauna and steam rooms, kids boot camp, holiday program and crèche, as well as courses for self- defence, altitude training and pre and post natal, (in addition to a ‘normal’ gym)—did your research tell you there was a big enough and hungry enough market to create such a facility? EMF: We set out to create a one-stop shop for fitness. A gym visit to maintain a strength base, a weekly Pilates or WHAT’S NEW IN FITNESS - SPRING 2017