WNiF Magazine - Spring 2017 Edition | Page 17

Usage . Not all equipment is used the same . Not all locations are created equal . Figuring out how much each piece of strength and cardio equipment is being used is the first place to start .
Downtime . Not all gym equipment is made the same . Understanding the impact of broken machines — the cost and length of time it takes to have them fixed — is a top factor in member satisfaction .
Brand affinity . Certain pieces of equipment attract a loyal following . Understanding which manufacturer is more popular in your club and then acting on that data will increase member satisfaction .
Preventative maintenance .
We aren ’ t talking about rotating machines ( because you already do that right ?). Preventative maintenance is understanding how usage impacts your equipment so you can make decisions ahead of time to avoid downtime altogether . How many hours of selectorised equipment usage before you need to replace the cable ? Data answers that before it snaps .
Longevity . Knowing what equipment is most resilient will help make purchase decisions easier . Understanding the ratio of uptime and downtime versus brand and price range means you can make decisions with clarity depending on your needs — even as they change .
Simply having gym equipment in a room is no longer a valid strategy . Understanding how each piece performs for your bottom line is as crucial and impactful as your attrition rate . It ’ s time to answer the question of whether your equipment is working for — or against you .
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