WNiF Magazine - Autumn 2018 Edition | Page 23

By Craig Mac STUDIO PROFILE TOTALFUSION W hen I first heard about TotalFusion, I was excited to learn more about Australia’s newest studio concept - a heat-controlled five studio facility built on the ethos of movement as a way of life and a completely holistic offering that nurtures the mind and the body. After the dust settled on the pre-sale, I caught up with the creator of TotalFusion and serial entrepreneur Leon McNiece. Craig Mac: From the very first moment you step into TotalFusion, there is a sense of calm from the open space, warmth from the décor, and community from the echo of laughter. Hand on heart, was that 100% intentional? Leon McNiece: Absolutely! We really wanted to create a community, a space where people, both staff and members, really enjoyed spending time. We hope that the vibe people get when walking through the door, entice them to come back regularly and move their bodies. CM: Westfield Chermside is the second largest shopping centre in the Australia. Historically, the lure as a tenant to a huge catchment of ‘passing trade’ does not always transfer to foundation memberships. What was the reaction from the local community during your pre-sale? LM: Even though the TotalFusion concept was quite foreign to most people, we had a very strong pre-sale, which shows how much there is a demand for mindful training. CM: I noticed on your website that you describe the facility as a ‘movement studio’. What does that mean? LM: Our description of our facility as a ‘Movement Studio’ was thus because we created a hub for a multitude of styles of movement and types of exercise. WHAT’S NEW IN FITNESS - AUTUMN 2018 Our belief is that it is important to expose yourself to a wide variety of exercise - different ways of moving and challenging the body. In doing so, you are able to stimulate your body to become more flexible, mobile, improve balance, agility and strength. Having variety in the way you move / exercise helps you be more motivated. Our bodies need different types of movement depending on how we are feeling on any given day; we encourage our members to be mindful and to try and become aware of what their body’s need from day to day. For example, if you were feeling very energetic, you would be well suited to a high energy class such as a Hot Fusion Class, Afterburn, Battleropes and Kettlebells, or Cycle. If you were feeling less energetic, you might choose a Yin Yoga or Aerial Yoga gentle flow. Our members are encouraged to come in every day, as we are designed to be moving far more than most of us do in our daily lives, and we need to promote movement in general, all types, not just high intensity exercise. CM: What makes TotalFusion such a unique facility? 23