WLM Summer 2019 - Page 5

editor’s note H Life has been like that the last few years. In June 2014, we bought Laramie Dance & Arts Center because it was going to close and we wanted to keep the arts going for our kids and others in Laramie. With that purchase came naming us as defendants in a lawsuit over the sale of its building. We won that lawsuit in June of 2015, but those eleven months came with a very heavy emotional toll. 2015 & 2016 we focused on healing and growing. We ended up expanding in 2015 into a bounce house center on the weekends and added a dance & active retail store in 2016 as Laramie really needed that option – and, turns out, Wyoming was receptive as well, and we’ve spent many fun days working with dancers all over the state. As you can imagine, the search for a home for all this activity was a challenge (bounce houses require high ceilings, naturally), and Levi excitedly shared with me a new listing last winter – right on the edge of downtown Laramie, big, open ceilings … nearly perfect. I’m going to skip over the process of commercial building purchasing and make it sound super easy – we closed in May of 2018 – but it was far more complicated than I have space to write. (Another “blip” in the story was a second failed purchase attempt in fall of 2017. One note about “failed real estate purchases” – they still cost lots of money.) The next step in last year’s saga was a HUGE renovation that my husband, Levi, took on himself due to budget. He’d work all day at the office, swap clothes and spend all evening and weekends building. appy…Summer? As I write this, that spring wet snow-rain combo is falling outside my window. My friend shared a great meme of a kid yelling at the sky for it to stop snowing. My sentiments exactly. Yet down it still comes, disregarding my sentiments entirely. This morning while looking out my kitchen window, I thought, “Boy I’m glad I haven’t uncovered the poppies…” Yet they are growing beautifully through the bed of mulch and leaves from last fall, seeming to disregard the snow entirely. I think on how quickly summer is approaching, how I’m always behind in getting our summer dance schedule out and getting our kids signed up for things … yet summer is barreling towards me, seeming to disregard my time crunch entirely. We received access to our new building on July 2, my 40 th birthday – funny coincidence, we thought – and the process stretched through and past our self-set deadline of August 31, hit snags in September, then October … and I had to make tough decisions. Levi was working and stressing himself to the max, had lost 10 pounds in the process, and he needed my undivided attention. I had begun work on the fall/holiday WLM and decided that of anything that could be put down, that was it. It was a decision that was heart-breaking, but life and time were barreling on, seeming to disregard entirely my dilemma. We wrapped renovation in time to make our 2019 Wyoming Weddings Magazine in November/ December and begin 2019 winter bridal expos, which were, thankfully, among our most successful years yet. I’ve had many people ask where WLM went after summer 2018, and that’s where – to my husband, who needed me. I know I failed many people when I made that decision, and I sure am sorry. I couldn’t fail my husband in that moment, and I am so excited to be back in the swing of things now. Thank you for being our valued readers – my goal this year is to find my groove again because life barrels on, and I don’t disregard that fact for one moment. Thanks for reading, Kati Hime www.wyolifestyle.com 3