Witnesses of the 2nd world war WWII in Greece - Page 17

Blooded Childhood It is true that the Second World War left material and psychological damages behind. The German Invasion was a risky undertaking of the Nazi Germans towards humanity. So, it was the turn of Greece, but let’s first see the two opponents:  Nazi German, Fascist, Italy, Bulgaria  Greece, U.K., Australia, New Zealand In 1940 on October 28 th the Greeks were asked to surrender to Italians so as to follow the Nazi Germans later. John Metaxas, our Prime Minister, with his widely known word “No” refused and seven months later the German Invasion started off. It was in 1941 on April 9 th . They attacked Greece through Bulgaria and Yugoslavia. After the Second World War begun, the Greek Prime Minister, John Metaxas firstly tried to have country neutrality but later it was proved impossible.