WIRE NEWS WN September 2019 - Page 17

The MGS Group - MGS Manufacturing, Hall Industries, Northampton Machinery Co. at IWCS 2019 The MGS Group, which consists of MGS Manufacturing, Hall Industries and Northampton Machinery Co., is an international supplier of automation and technology solutions for product handling and twisting systems customized to optimize your process, comprehensive design and engineering capabilities, personalized service and ruggedly built for decades of reliable, consistent service. Photo and video presentations at The International Wire and Cable Symposium IWCS, Booth 106 highlight Our New Fully Automatic Dual Takeup FAT820 SFL Series with the unique Robot Handling System for Depalletizing and Palletizing, various dual reel takeups from fiber to 1000mcm cable, the Northampton Single and Double Twist Wire Bunching Machines, Triple Twist Twinner along with the latest design in Slip Ring Brushes and Holders, plus our standard product range which includes: Payoffs, Takeups, Rewinders, Dancers, Accumulators, Capstans, Length Counters, Air Wipes, Swage Tools, Electric Brazers, Double Twist Bunchers, Twinners, Tape heads and Single Twist Cablers. The MGS Group looks forward to seeing you in Charlotte! . Booth personnel: Jeff Swinchatt, John Dudus www.themgsgroup.com WIRE NEWS EVENTS September 2019 17