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flows, materials with different melt temperatures can be extruded. These properties are particularly important for the production of flame-retardant materials, such as LSOH. Another advantage are the separately heated head zones. As a result, the required production temperature can be controlled even better and constantly monitored during production. This achieves stable process conditions for the entire production time, even with changing processing temperatures. . Benefits • Easier to use due to co-extrusion • Material savings thanks to the possible processing of thinner filler wall thicknesses • Prevent problems by eliminating an additional intermediate cooling path and cable drying AMETEK SMP Wallingford Appoints University of Pittsburgh Graduate Hunter Stept as New Process Engineer High-purity metal strip and wire manufacturer, AMETEK Specialty Metal Products (SMP) Wallingford, is delighted to announce the appointment of Hunter Stept as Process Engineer at its Specialty Metal Products division in Wallingford. Stept, originally from Fort Lauderdale, FL, is a recent graduate of the University of Pittsburgh, PA. He received a Bachelor of Science degree in Materials Engineering with a specialization in nanotechnology. During his time studying and working as an intern in Pittsburgh, Hunter gained valuable technical skills that will enable him to become a key asset to the company. Stept will report to Bob Trussell, Plant Engineering Manager, and will support the Engineering Manager, Operations Manager and Quality Manager at AMETEK SMP Wallingford to help build a robust manufacturing system. He will focus primarily on operational excellence, improvements to equipment and processes, quality control, cost-reduction initiatives, increasing yield and new product development. “I am pleased to welcome Hunter Stept to the engineering team and look forward to working closely with him for many years to come,” said Trussell. “Hunter joins us at an exciting time as our customers continue to rely on our range of high purity metal strip, wire and engineered shaped components for critical applications across a range of global markets.” . www.ametekmetals.com WIRE NEWS September 2019 15