: Winter Edition - Page 6

The Gods:

And Their Favorite Books


I, a full-fledged literature nerd, fully believe that your favorite piece of classical literature says a lot about you as a person. This being said, here are my (loud and) final rulings about the gods and their favorite classic books.

Southern MADD, a book drive, lead by Gubernator Pierce Bruner!

Second Vice President Abby Mckee

Zeus- The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn

Zeus would pick up this book and immediately think it should be immortalized as one of the greatest works of all time. He thinks that all of the characters are incredible and not at all problematic or under-developed. Zeus would praise this work as a feel-good coming-of-age for Huck Finn, the quirky little guy just trying to find a place in this world. To be fair to Zeus, this is only the second book he's ever read, and the other one had pictures.

Hera- The Scarlet Letter

Hera would love this work and all of the symbolism within, particularly the flowers. This also makes Hera unique because I have never met anyone who genuinely enjoys The Scarlet Letter. I must add that she'd enjoy the correlation of Chillingworth hovering over Hester (yes Zeus, that was a direct call out). In addition to this, I think she'd really enjoy Hester and her demon child (yes Hephestus, that was a direct call out). Hera would love the writing style, the story and the characters.