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All you need is love , right ? Oh , and Champagne . Lots of Champagne . For Georgina and Jackson , it was the not-so-secret ingredient that helped bring their sophisticated and joyful Brisbane wedding together . That , and a genius dress code . “ We knew we ’ d always wanted a formal wedding ,” says Georgina . “ We love black tie but thought it might restrict some of our guests , so we just left the theme as Formal but Colourful — and our guests really delivered !” Rewind eleven years and it was a workplace romance forged in the supermarket aisles ( Jackson worked in fruit & veg and Georgina in customer service ) that first brought these sweethearts together . “ We also went to uni together , but the Coles connection is much more exciting !” laughs Georgina . “ We ’ ve travelled the world , built a house , welcomed a little cat to our family , opened countless bottles of wine , and always supported one another through all challenges and triumphs . Our house is always filled with music and laughter , and our doors are always open for our family and friends .”

So , it was probably a surprise to no-one ( except maybe Georgina ) when Jackson pulled off a meticulously planned proposal after securing the blessing of his love ’ s parents . Because the couple work in the same building and share the same computer network , Jackson had to pretend to be online all day — when really he was preparing a hotel room of balloons and flowers at Emporium Southbank . “ Jackson has a genuine phobia of balloons , and having them in the car was absolute torture !” marvels Georgina . Bonus points to the groom ! After a bended-knee proposal , Jackson revealed his final surprise . “ Our families joined us at the rooftop bar to celebrate ,” says Georgina . “ It was just the best night .”
[ Top ] Georgina arrives in a family treasure , her grandmother ’ s 1974 S Class Mercedes , lovingly restored by Jackson ’ s father . [ Above & left ] The Old Government House courtyard provided a unique ceremony locale with the bride ’ s timeless Wendy Makin gown pulling focus ..
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