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Thoughts Winter 2021

Five Special Needs Cats Continued

I have separately adopted both an older cat and a timid cat , and both were wonderful decisions . Once a shy cat realizes you are their family , there is a special bond between you . Candie now sleeps with her foster “ sister ” and sits on her lap while she is e-learning . Something we couldn ’ t imaging those first few days when she lived under the bed . It takes a little extra time , but it is worth it .
Adopting an older cat is great because they are who they are . All that silly kitten stuff is out of the way . Plus , cats have such a long life . Adopting an older cat is like meeting your best friend in college instead of kindergarten . You wouldn ’ t want to miss out on that !”
Robert and Leonardo , a bonded pair , were adopted out as kittens and returned to us six years later because their owner could no longer take care of them . Robert and Leonardo had some health issues that needed to be taken care of before sending them to a foster home . Here is what their foster mom , Christine , has to say about the two : “ The cats have been doing well . They are now Yin ( the white kitty ) and Yang ( the tuxedo cat ). They are pretty much inseparable . They do love to sleep on their bed , which is on the bed used by me when I read . They are loving belly rubs and chin scratches . I have yet to have them on my lap , but they are willing to sit and sleep right next to me ! And they chase each other like kittens . And Yin and Yang are starting to enjoy the company of my cats . And both have very healthy purr motors !”
Robert & Leonardo
We are so grateful for our wonderful volunteer foster families and the people who chose to adopt a pet from the West Suburban Humane Society . We are especially thankful for those who adopt animals that have been here for some time or have special adoption requirements . If you had met Cashew , Ella , Candie , Robert or Leo at the adoption center , you would never believe the transformation each has made simply by moving into a home . Won ’ t you take that leap of faith and consider opening your heart to allow a shy cat to blossom under your care ? It ’ s a special feeling to know that you are the one that helped a cat that couldn ’ t ask for it , resulting in a lifetime of learning and loving for both you and your new family member .

WSHS Wish List West Suburban Humane Society

• Paper Towels
• Laundry Detergent
• Bleach
• Anti-bacterial hand soap
• Dish washing liquid
• Food ( our animals are on a specific diet : so that we don ’ t upset their digestive system , we must be specific ) Purina One Smartblend Lamb and Rice dog and puppy formulas and Purina One cat and kitten formulas . Any canned cat , dog , kitten and puppy food is fine .
• KMR ( kitten milk replacement ), small baby bottles and nipples
• Dog and cat toys ( washable and indestructible !)
• Cat litter
• Stamps ( to be used for postage )
• Garbage bags ( 13 & 30 gallon sizes )
• 6 " paper plates
• Stretch and Scratch Pads ( stretchandscratch . com )
• Lint Traps
• Volunteers !
• Monetary donations are always appreciated !
Board Members :
Jim Ingold , President Scott McMillin , Vice President
Janine Komornick , Recording Secretary
Cathy Pesavento , Controller / Treasurer
WSHS Staff :
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