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Five Special Cats Looking For Special Homes

In this edition of Stray Thoughts , we would like you to meet five cats requiring special adopters . These cats have wonderful qualities , but their shy natures don ’ t allow them to shine in a group environment . This has been holding them back from finding their forever homes . Luckily for them , we have an incredible network of volunteers who have opened their homes to these diamonds in the rough . Meet Cashew , Ella , Candie , Robert , and Leonardo .

Cashew was brought to the shelter by a good Samaritan who took him in as a stray . She tried to find his owner , but no one came forward to reclaim him . She would have loved to keep him , but her other cat was less than welcoming . At the adoption center , Cashew shut down around the other cats and became defensive , even with the people who cared for him every day . He was so afraid , he couldn ’ t let down his guard . Try as we might , we could not get him to trust us . It was sad to see him like this , knowing his potential , so we sent him to sty with a volunteer . This is what Andrea , his foster mom , has to say about him : “ Cashew is an easy house guest . He finds a quiet room and sleeps on a bed or perched on a pillow or folded blanket . He is social on his terms . We still haven ’ t picked him up ; he hops away if we try . He sleeps with my daughters and will watch television with us . He is excellent with the litter box . I believe he needs to be the only animal in the house .”
Ella came to us from a house with multiple cats . Because there were so many cats in the home , Ella did not receive the socialization she needed to be a happy , well-adjusted cat and she , too , needed a quiet place to decompress . Nancy , Ella ’ s foster mom , has the following to say : “ Success with Ella comes in bite-sized increments . For the first two or three days , I would just hang out in her room , and she hid behind the couch . I didn ’ t bother her ,
and she got to discover that I ’ m going to keep coming back . Then , she jumps up on the couch with me , and she took a couple of days to learn it ’ s okay when I pick my hand up to pet her . A couple of days after that , she purred for the first time . Shy cats reveal themselves a little bit at a time . You never know when you ’ re going to learn something new . She likes sparkle balls ! She loves watching the birds ! She ’ s chatty ! You fall in love a little at a time . Plus , I feel unique because this scared animal has learned to trust me ; I get to experience the full breadth of her personality , and most folks will never know or see that .”
Candie came to us from another rescue group . She was very sweet but Candie scared of everything at the adoption center . She would hide in her cage and shy away from handling . She has blossomed at her foster home . From her foster mom , Shannon : “ Candie takes social distancing very seriously . Once you ’ ve passed her quarantine period , though , watch out ! Candie is a love machine . She loves to be petted everywhere ; belly rubs are her absolute favorite .
Candie is very playful also . You would never guess that she is eight years old . Her favorite game is undercover mouse . She can chase that wand for at least 30 minutes . She is also very technologically savvy for an “ older ” lady . She loves playing cat games on my iPad .