Winter 2016– Volume IX, Issue 2 NSPAA Voice | Page 8

2015 Technical Assistance Workshop Series Highlights The 2015 NSPAA Annual Technical Assistance Workshop Series was held at the Sheraton Pentagon Hotel in Arlington, Virginia, June 2-5, 2015. The general sessions were preceded by a one-day preconference workshop dedicated to detailed exploration of the newly implemented OMB Uniform Guidance, 2 CFR 200. This workshop provided the attendees a walk-through understanding of the Uniform Guidance circular from the perspectives of major federal agencies, including NIH, DOE, ED, and NSF. The subsequent general Sessions and Workshops, which were presented by a mix of experts from government and private sectors, as well as academia, revolved around the theme “Building Partnerships and Consortia: The Road to Success in Sponsored Programs and Research Enterprise”. This theme reflects NSPAA’s abiding interest in stimulating collaboration among HBCUs to enhance prospects for success in winning major research grants. The full program has been posted on the NSPAA web site,, for readers who might be interested in more details. All in all, the 2015 NSPAA Technical Assistance Workshop Series was arguably the best attended in recent years, and from all accounts, the most engaging. 1111222999999992/5/2016 2/5/20169999999999 9