Winter 2016– Volume IX, Issue 2 NSPAA Voice | Page 7

2016 Pre–Technical Assistance Workshop Tuesday, June 10, 2016 This Pre-Technical Assistance Workshop Series on contracts is geared for institutions who may find the processes associated with government contracts challenging or even intimidating. Participants will acquire contracting fundamentals, have a sense of what is necessary – and even what isn’t necessary – to grow their sponsored programs portfolios through contracts. The full-day session will feature a slate of government, university, private sector and subject matter experts. The Pre-Technical Assistance Workshop will include area topics such as: Review of common contract terminology Federal Acquisitions Regulation s (FARs) Elements of a contract Teaming considerations Review of common types of contracts Statement of Work (SOW) and deliverables Mock detailed analysis of a successful contact proposal Contract Closeouts Integrity and Ethics Do’s and Don’ts in contracts Contract sustainability strategies 2017 Workshop