WIN Annual Reports April 2019 Midyear Report | Page 8

7 WAS H I N G T O N I N T E RF AI T H N E T WO RK affordable housing 201 9-2022 STRATEGY WIN Leaders Cynthia Eaglin and Rufaro Jenkins (above) played a central role in the fight for their former home, Parkway Overlook. WIN's strategy around affordable housing involves building institutional bases of faith leaders and tenants capable of long term campaigns, pressing for increases in subsidy for affordable housing, vigorous research of underutilized public and non-profit land, and challenging developers to maximize affordable housing when they request subsidy. DC has added over $732 million to its Housing Production Trust Fund in the past decade, making it one of the most funded in the nation. Such dedicated funding to affordable housing would not be possible without the strong, on- the-ground organizing from WIN and other community organizations. In the past year, WIN has launched 3 new affordable housing campaigns in Ward 1 and brought out over 400 people on an educational campaign to learn about housing in Wards 7 and 8 (see page 12). 837 units of affordable housing at sites WIN organizes approved or completed in the past year $36 million dedicated since 201 8 to affordable housing at sites WIN organizes