WIN Annual Reports April 2019 Midyear Report | Page 13

2 0 1 9 M I D YE AR RE P O RT 12 BASE BUILDING ACROSS THE CITY Organizing is not just about taking on fights and holding actions. In order to create large-scale and sustainable change, it is critical that we continue to grow as an organization and deepen the relationships among our members. WIN is especially committed to building a base in working class, black, and brown communities. POLITICAL EDUCATION CAMPAIGN Over 400 people participated in our Anacostia Waterfront teach-ins. At these events, people took a bus through new developments like Navy Yard and the Wharf, witnessed the large, vacant sites such as Reservation 13 that will be going up for development in DC soon, and learned about public housing along the Anacostia River. This campaign has served to educate our members on the forces that are driving working-class communities of color out of DC. After the bus tours, we reconvened for a discussion on how to position ourselves to deepen relationships throughout DC and to take action toward a more just city. BUILDING CORE TEAMS In order to make real change in our communities, we need strong core teams in each of our institutions. A core team is a group of leaders in an institution that keeps their institution engaged in WIN's campaigns and connected to the wider community. Through trainings, political education, and an internal action May 2019, we are working hard to build strong core teams in every ward in the city. Photos by David Choy