WIN Annual Reports April 2019 Midyear Report | Page 12

11 WAS H I N G T O N I N T E RF AI T H N E T WO RK 201 9 FRIENDS OF WIN CAMPAIGN Our 2018 Friends of WIN campaign raised over $29,000 in individual donations. In 2019, WIN is inviting those who know and respect our work to invest in our organizing. With your help, we aim to raise $40,000 from individual supporters in 2019. HOW CAN I GIVE? We offer a variety of ways to give. We encourage you to consider a recurring gift in installments every month or quarter. You can mail your contribution using the envelope provided or give online at www.windc­ Thank you for considering a contribution so that WIN can strengthen communities and seek justice across DC. 201 9 GOALS WIN aims to increase its operating income by at least $23,000 through increased dues from existing WIN institutions, dues from new members, a successful 2019 Friends of WIN campaign reaching $40,000, and new corporate grants. WIN is offering businesses that contribute over $1,000 space for a message or ad of your choosing in our 2020 Annual Report. Donations are tax deductible as a charitable contribution or as a business expense. $+1 3,000 $1 00,000 $80,000 $60,000 $40,000 $20,000 $ $+5,000 DUES $+5,000 FRIENDS OF WIN 201 8 CONTRIBUTIONS CORPORATE GRANTS 201 9 GOALS