Williamson President's Report 2022 Edition | Page 4

of Williamson and we owe her a huge debt of gratitude for all she did for us . Lee believed in our mission and supported us in many ways . Her gift to our Power Plant Technology program was so impactful that we named the program after her . She took great pride in knowing there is a Lee Rowan School of Power Plant Technology at Williamson . We will miss her .
This spring , we thanked and honored a large number of our most generous supporters at the 5th Annual Scholarship Celebration Dinner . Charles Fisher , Jr ., in his remarks , said his support of Williamson is inspired by his father , Charles Fisher , Sr . 4W1 , who passed away in 2019 . His father left Williamson $ 1 million in a bequest , which established the Charles J . Fisher , Sr . 4W1 Legacy Scholarship , funding a Williamson student in perpetuity . Charles , Jr . spoke to the audience of Williamson donors , student scholars , faculty , and staff of how his father felt that his Williamson education was responsible for the great success he had in life . As a result of his father ’ s success and Williamson education , Charles , Jr . felt he had benefitted greatly in his own personal and professional life . His remarks reinforce the idea that a Williamson education not only benefits our students , it benefits their family for generations .
I always take great pride in telling people about our biannual Career Fairs . To me , they reinforce the premise that Williamson ’ s approach to education and leadership training is developing our students into outstanding candidates for highly sought-after jobs . We had a record-breaking two-day fair in the Restall Sports Center in the fall followed by a one-day , recordbreaking fair in the spring in the new Wesley Student Center . Between the two Career Fairs , we hosted over 235 companies from 21 states and generated over $ 140,000 of revenue . The toughest decision that most of our seniors had to make was deciding which of their multiple job offers to accept . I don ’ t know of any other college in the country that can make that claim .
The Williamson Association of Alumni ( WAA ) had a great first year , with many events and programs designed to get more alumni involved with our students and bring them back to campus . The WAA is
off to a strong start , and we expect the years ahead to be even better .
We had an exciting year in athletics : our lacrosse team was named the NCLL Division II Team of the Year , and our long-time basketball coach Bill Michaels was inducted into the U . S . Collegiate Athletic Association ’ s Hall of Fame . Bill ' s outstanding accomplishments at Williamson include a school-record 307 wins and two national championships . We also had a record number of student athletes selected for All-American and Academic All-American .
We continue to reach new heights at Williamson , adding the infrastructure needed to accommodate more students . The enrollment this fall is 313 students , which is the highest in school history . That record will stand until next fall , when we expect the enrollment to be around 340 students . We could not have achieved this growth without the generosity of our supporters . Whether you give to the Williamson Fund , our endowment , or capital projects , or join the Wanamaker or Legacy Societies , you are making a significant difference in the lives of our young men . Your time , talent , and treasure are what keep Williamson strong . On behalf of Williamson College of the Trades , I want to thank each one of you . Because of your support and dedication , Williamson continues to grow and prosper as we meet our unique and inspiring mission .
In closing , I want you to know that Mary Nell and I feel privileged and blessed to be beginning our eleventh year at this great institution . We enjoy serving with a great team that works hard every day to keep Williamson the amazing school that it is . We ask for your continued support and prayers . Thank you again for your commitment . We hope to see you on campus soon .
May God continue to bless you and Williamson College of the Trades !
For Williamson !