White Paper: From Print to Digital Publishing - Page 8


digital users love choice. Online newsstands give them tons of it. The total number of readers which newsstands have access to is much higher than the amount available to print publishers.

Mobile apps:

using branded apps to reach new markets (via Google Play and the App Store, for example) enables publishers to personalize their outreach strategies and stand out from the competition.


a CRM, or customer relationship management, system bundles different subscriber management tools to help publishers acquire and maintain customers loyal to their brand. The best digital publishing platforms have one, and common features include email marketing (which is still the dominant communication tool for professionals today), importing, exporting, segmenting, and mass mailing subscribers. Publishers can also integrate their software with other services they’re using via API-- a set of protocols that dictates how different software components interact with each other.

KPIs, or key performance indicators, provide the framework for evaluating business models. They’re incredibly important for understanding how a publisher’s performance is stacking up against his or her overall goals.