White Paper: Digital Solutions for Employee Training - Page 5

What does this all mean? Better workplace training initiatives can help employees and businesses alike. Today, fewer than 25% of executives offer education as a benefit. If employees are given reasonable incentives to succeed in education and other supporting programs, they're more likely to improve their skills and motivate colleagues to follow suit. And that means happier, more engaged workers.

Training that’s personalized is the key to engaging employees. When it is, staff can learn at their own pace and become more productive in the process. When it’s not, workers have a hard time keeping up with demands and achieving personal goals in relation to the company’s overarching needs.

A well-trained workforce can provide more value to a business. But training budgets (especially tight ones) can exhaust themselves quickly. There’s a lot of time and money involved in the recruiting process. “The total cost of hiring one new employee could be as high as $5,000, or more, in a professional or manufacturing industry,” says Recruiterbox. The sooner an employee is productive, the better his or her ROI becomes.