White Paper: Content Marketing Solutions for Retail Industry - Page 6


Reaching the anywhere, anytime consumer

Today's online customer is tech-savvy and skilled at using multiple devices and channels to find the right product. Reaching them should be every retailer’s priority. Creating a cross-platform catalog, for example, lets you connect with customers on different channels and devices.

Multi-channel shopping and buying are on the rise. Smart retailers know that the most valuable consumers aren’t using one channel to shop; they’re using many. Nordstrom reports that spending is four times higher with customers who have a multi-channel relationship with a brand. Craig Elbert, former Vice President of Marketing at Bonobos, reported that 20% of the website’s first-time customers placed their orders after they received a catalog. Moreover, they spent one and a half times as much as new shoppers who didn’t receive one first.


Generating more leads and driving sales

Slowly but surely, traditional lead gen tactics are being replaced by digital systems. Nearly every American today is using a mobile device to shop for products online. As this trend continues (with more retailers offering intuitive user experiences), businesses must keep pace by having the right digital lead generation tools at hand and at the ready.