Creating Interactive Digital Content for Your Hotel in 2018 | Page 8


Creating interactive digital content

There are many ways to market your hotel. But for 2018, you’ll need visual content to get your brand to stick. People won’t get inspired just by reading; they’ll want the full picture (literally) and other strong visuals, too. Travelers enjoy picturing themselves in places they’ll be visiting. Virtual tours can play on these fantasies and give guests a taste before they physically step foot in their destination of choice. Hotels should leverage this visual storytelling power to make the experience more memorable.

Most people are visual learners who can remember faces and names from 10 years ago, but forget numbers they’re told every other day. It’s no wonder why visual mediums like videos are such powerful branding tools. They are inexpensive and straightforward, helping brands tell their stories in authentic ways.

“More video… as marketers realize that live video podcasts and other video formats… can communicate a compelling message to help you get found by more prospects.”
Content marketing expert, Mike Volpe, in 2011