Why Hotels Are Still Winning: Highlighting Unique Services to Attract More Customers | Page 6

Hotels can prevail because they still offer many services which Airbnb can’t, including pools, bars, gyms, dry cleaning, room service, concierges, and catering. Hotel managers should invest in content marketing and highlight these services in their campaigns.

Below are some publication types frequently used buy hoteliers today (and ways you can leverage them to attract more customers):

Brochures: in marketing, businesses tell the same story to different audiences in different ways. Conveying your value to prospective customers is essential, and digital brochures are ideal for showcasing accommodations that suit travelers’ specific needs.

Newsletters: distribute newsletters and include special, exclusive discounts for loyal subscribers. Or, if you’re in a really good mood, run a giveaway and let a lucky traveler stay for free. You can also spotlight any local attractions to incentivize people to visit. Bear in mind that you'll need to know what types of information guests enjoy receiving, and how often (though daily is not recommended).

City guides: brochures are still surviving in hotel lobbies around the world. Unfortunately, younger people (millenials in particular) aren’t reading them as much as they used to. But there’s a silver lining here; big cities are filled with things to do and places to visit. Travelers can get overwhelmed if they don’t know where to start, and digital guides can keep them organized during their stay. Plus, there’s nothing more convenient than having a city guide on your phone.