Importance of Content Optimization for SEO | Page 5

Content that’s well optimized for search engines (SEO) drives more traffic and increases your brand’s online visibility.
Content can slash marketing spend while bolstering revenue. Costs associated with traditional marketing are restrictive (think ads and billboards). Accordingly, outbound advertising/sales campaigns are losing their effectiveness and yielding diminishing returns on investment. Consumers today are less receptive of print advertisements than they were 15 years ago. With interactive digital content, you can market your business, create meaningful connections with travelers, and get more bookings for a comparatively lower price.
Some guests won’t say nice things about your hotel. Poor service, obnoxious employees, and hidden costs are some reasons why customers may be inclined to leave negative reviews. High-quality content that’s published consistently, however, can offset those reviews and still rank you higher in search engines (since search engines love fresh content).

Hotels have accommodation-sharing websites to compete with as well. The incredible popularity of Airbnb, for example, has shifted hospitality paradigms. Airbnb prices in the United Kingdom are around 40% cheaper than hotel rooms. What’s more, hotels can’t reduce their prices to compete. That’s why hoteliers must put content at the forefront of their marketing strategies to win customers and convince them that they’re more than just a service-- they’re an experience.