What's The Buzz Buzz 2019 Newsletter Issue 5 - Page 9

Student Talk Mike Conroy Sophomore This year’s Hartford District Competition was a very stressful but exciting experience for everyone. Throughout the weekend, we had many problems with the robot, but none that could not be over- come. While we did not rank as high as we would have wanted, I for one am incredibly proud of our accomplishments. Under extremely high stress, the drive team performed to the best of their abilities. Because of this, our team was picked by the second seed alliance. Not only was it the sec- ond seed alliance, but it was the alliance captained by Team 3146, the Granby Grunts, and worked alongside Team 190, Gompei and The H.E.R.D. These two teams have used our field many times, and we have created bonds with both of them. While waiting for alliance selection, I was speaking with the student representative from Granby, and she had mentioned that due to our skills with handling cargo, they were considering picking us. When I heard them invite 190 as their first pick I was ecstatic, because I knew that this would be an alliance that would be one to remember. Even though we didn’t win any matches in playoffs, our alliance had an amazing time cheering together and by far had the most energy for our numbers of any other alliance. Ashley Woodson Freshman The Hartford District Event was my first competition and it was a lot of fun. However, I am not a morning person, so getting up earlier than I do for school was not too awesome. Getting chosen by the second seed alli- ance for the finals was cool though. Scouting wasn’t nearly as bad as eve- ryone made it seem, despite sometimes being hard to keep track of the faster robots when they hid behind the cargo ship. My favorite part was team spirit such as coordinating the Buzz signs to the music and dancing. They played the macarena and the chicken dance which a lot of us partici- pated in. Overall it was a lot of fun. Issue 5: May 19, 2019 PAGE 9