What's The Buzz Buzz 2019 Newsletter Issue 5 - Page 7

Thank you Dan Burbank On March 28th, Buzz was honored with a visit from retired astronaut Dan Burbank at the Enfield Annex, who spoke about his experiences on the International Space Station and what led him to NASA. Mr. Burbank, who now works at Collins Aerospace, attended the U.S. Coast Guard Academy before being selected by NASA. During this part of his career, Mr. Burbank served as Mission Specialist on mis- sions STS-106 and STS-115, as Flight Engineer on Expedition 29 and, as Commander on Expedition 30. In total, he spent 188 days in space. Everyone was excited to hear from Mr. Burbank. His presentation had a seemingly endless amount of stunning facts, anecdotes and, photos from his time in space. Following the end of his presentation, Mr. Burbank spoke to every student individually, encouraging them to pursue their dream jobs, even if it seemed impossible. Buzz would like to thank Dan Burbank for providing the team with this unforgettable, once-in-a-lifetime experience. Issue 5: May 19, 2019 PAGE 7