What's The Buzz Buzz 2018-2019 Newsletter Issue 4 - Page 3

Progression throughout Build Meetings so far have been focused on preparing everyone for the coming competitions (especially our first year students, as the Waterbury District Event will be their first competition of the season). Students and mentors have been working in multiple different areas to make sure everything is ready for our first competition. A few students have taken on the responsibility of making the Bill of Materials list, which is required for robot inspection at competitions. The Bill of Materials list includes prices, meas- urements, manufacturing information, and any other specifications on each individual part used to construct the robot. In addi- tion, the team has been packing our trailer, preparing scouting materials, and taking a bit of time to redesign our robot. The elec- trical team has been hard at work fixing the harness for the elevator, since it has poten- tial to get caught on the side of the elevator mechanism. Another problem they are working on solving is that the robot cur- rently has no mount for our gyro sensor. The team has purchased LED strip lights for the robot to give our robot a new look, and will flash or pulse when we have a cargo, hatch cover, or switch into high gear in order to give the drivers a visual repre- sentation of what is happening with the robot. We are all set, looking good, and ready to go! Issue 4: March 7, 2019 PAGE 3