Western Pallet Magazine July 2021 | Page 18


(Cont'd from Page 17)

infusion. “The combination of higher than GDP sector growth and conversion of one-way pallets to the sustainable pooling model, coupled with PalX’s improved pallet incorporating data capability positions PalX’s offer favorably in the market,” offered Michael Lamb, CFO of PalX. Lamb has over 25 years of experience in pallet pooling, food service, general retail and entrepreneurial businesses. 

“When you invest in PalX on the Republic.co crowdfunding platform you receive an interest in the  company, in the form of a security,” he continued. “That security is an agreement with financial terms between you and PalX in the form of a Crowd Safe. It represents your financial interest in PalX with a pool of other like-minded investors. Crowd Safes’ provide a return if the start-up goes through an IPO or gets acquired at a high valuation.

“Investors can start with as little as $100 up to $50,000 and there are certain “perks” offered at varying levels of investment dollars. We would encourage interested investors to view PalX crowdfunding raise on Republic.co/palx.”

Mazza explained that PalX pallet are produced using US domestic suppliers that have SFI (Sustainable Forestry Initiative) certification.  According to SFI, 90% of the world’s forests are not certified.  This means that SFI-certified manufacturers are practicing responsible forestry methods.  The SFI program is a comprehensive system of principles, objectives, and performance measures that incorporate the growing and harvesting of trees with the protection of soil and water quality, wildlife habitat, plants and scenic beauty.

For more information, visit www.palx.io, and to invest, visit Republic.co/palx.