Western Pallet Magazine July 2021 | Page 17

JULY 2021

The company sees itself as having an important advantage in bringing new, higher quality, IoT-enabled pallets into the market, as opposed to existing rental and whitewood sectors dealing with aging pools and the task of retrofitting sensors on existing pallets. 

Mazza is currently a Director of the National Wooden Pallet & Container Association, current Treasurer of Western Pallet Association and Pallet Foundation Trustee, and has over 35 years of experience in the white wood and pallet pooling industries. In that time, he built and directed one of the larger national pallet management companies in the United States. He is also the founder of an innovative pallet recycling company that has been operating in the northeastern United States for the last 30 years.

Other members of the team include:

Elton Potts - co-founder, Board member PalX, former SVP Supply Chain & Asset Management Chep USA

Stuart Lerner - co-founder, Board member PalX, formerly Bluechip Logistics, built over 50 million and repaired over 300 million pallets for Chep USA.

John Huber - co-founder, Board member PalX, former founding partner PECO

Michael Lamb - co-founder, Board member & CFO PalX, former President Chep USA

To date, the company has secured one national dairy pallet pooling account and has signed letters of intent with several national food and beverage brands. Mazza stressed that PalX will leverage deep relationships with the highly entrepreneurial U.S. pallet industry for the provision of scalable pallet manufacturing, logistics, and repair services.  

The company raised $1 million from initial investors and will now move to a crowdfunding platform for its next

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“Investors can start with as little as $100 up to $50,000 and there are certain “perks” offered at varying levels of investment dollars. We would encourage interested investors to view PalX crowdfunding raise on Republic.co/palx.”

Mazza explained that PalX pallet are produced using US domestic suppliers that have SFI (Sustainable Forestry Initiative) certification.  According to SFI, 90% of the world’s forests are not certified.  This means that SFI-certified manufacturers are practicing responsible forestry methods.  The SFI program is a comprehensive system of principles, objectives, and performance measures that incorporate the growing and harvesting of trees with the protection of soil and water quality, wildlife habitat, plants and scenic beauty.

For more information, visit www.palx.io, and to invest, visit Republic.co/palx.

Steve Mazza is the CEO of Pooling and Logistics Experts (PalX)