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7 Reasons Why You're Glad You're Not an Ancient Roman


By Erin Devine

Slavery: Your city has just been captured by the Roman army. Look out- they aren’t just going to leave you here in peace, especially if you tried to fight back, and somehow managed to survive. No – you’ll serve a much better purpose doing labor for your masters. Not that you’ll get breaks, mind you. Let’s auction you up, top bidder wins! Not that you would go for much…

Disease/Sickness: Remember that flu you had a couple weeks back? That little stomach bug? Well, if you happened to be a Roman, it wouldn’t exactly be as simple as take medicine and go back to school next week. Are you poor? Can’t afford a doctor? Can’t help you there. Looks like the city is infected with a wildly infectious spreading disease. Better run away until it wipes out a chunk of the population!

Constant Warfare: Look how brave your son is, going to the army! Though, it wasn’t exactly his choice, and he is as thin as a twig and the family is poor… he’ll be fine, right? You’ll see him soon! Sorry, that boy will most likely be slaughtered, and he’s not coming home in a few weeks, or a few months. The Romans were always trying to conquer new territory, and soldiers were often away for long periods of time, depending on how far the destination was. Warfare was always going on, and though the Romans were a strong and vast army, they weren’t immune to casualties or diseases they happened to catch along the way.

Women’s Rights: Women’s Rights in Rome? You mean her right hand, where she holds the sewing needle, right? Yes, women were respected as mothers, and wives of nobles or soldiers, but that didn’t mean they got to be taken seriously if they had an opinion. You don’t get an education, you don’t talk against what you think is wrong, nor will you most likely get to choose who you marry. Now, ladies, why are you wasting valuable time reading this article when you could be spending time cooking?