VOX LATINA | Page 11

1.If you were about to be stabbed 33 times, what would your last words be?

A. "Do it, I dare you."

B. Not say anything, plot how to dodge all the swords, and kill everyone.


D. "Kill me if you wish, but my spirit will haunt you forever."

2.What is your go to order from Starbucks?

A. Caramel Macchiato with two shots of espresso

B. Large black coffee

C. Unicorn frappuccino

D. Pumpkin spice latte

3.What flower would you grow in your garden?

A. rose (pleasant at first but bites you with its thorns)

B. Fly trap (fierce)

C. Lily (most beautiful flower)

D. sunflower (follows sun which is wise)


Which god are you?

4.What gum flavor is your go-to?

A. mint gum

B. cinnamon gum

C. juicy fruit

D. bubble gum

5.What is your favorite color?

A. Green

B. Red

C. Pink

D. Yellow

6.What time do you prefer to wake up in the morning?

A.12:47 PM

B. 9:31 AM

C. 7:30 AM

D. 8:30 AM

7. When someone texts you something funny, you respond with…

A. “lol”


C. “hehe”

D. “haha”

By Elizabeth Fahrmeier