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Missing Nationals

I didn’t get to enjoy some scorching summer heat while running around a college campus with my friends playing “What are the Odds” like we are the Impractical Jokers, although I did enjoy not having to dry out my shoes from losing a round of “What are the Odds” and walking through a fountain or something embarrassing like that.

I also missed out on some yearly favorites like bubbling a random pattern on the Ancient Greek test in an attempt to get at least one top ten finish, playing card games like Capitalism with my friends, and awkwardly jumping at the JCL Dance.

The thing I’m most upset that I missed was watching one of my best friends and OJCL President Joseph Delamerced carry an actual lit torch, spewing fire and all, across the stage at the last GA.

Speaking of GA’s, I even missed the seemingly mundane or boring things. I missed the nightly fellowships and recapping a day I just lived through event by event. I missed the long GA’s where you just can’t comfortable in your seat anymore. I even missed the somewhat repetitive campaign speeches, but I bet I can still predict down to the letter what each candidate said.

If you ever are going to miss Convention over the summer, I can say from experience that you better make sure it’s a good reason. Because I can certainly say I missed the experience this summer.

I did not go to Latin Convention in Troy, Alabama this summer. Do not fear, I was still participating in something nerdy. I spent that week in July instead doing evolutionary genetics research at UC as part of a summer internship.

I must say, I regret not going. I missed out on a lot of great memories.

Firstly, I missed out on some quality inside jokes. My friends came back cracking jokes about “thriving” and “The Emoji Movie” which I did not understand in the slightest.

Next there was missing out on seeing my non-Summit friends. I did not get to see Jake Pearson and make a State Farm joke every time I saw him. I missed out on Charlie Dwight cracking a cheesy joke every hour on the hour. There were no unintentionally funny but slightly troubling comments from Alan.


By Michael Warden