Voice to the Voiceless
Fortune Nwaiwu
I really enjoyed reading this series of poems . It ’ s very touching , and has some very deep stanzas ; very moving . ~ Lee Ann , ~ USA .
Fortune Nwaiwu has devised an interesting concept and structure for his poem — the duelling dialectic between widow and widower . The voices , views , and outlooks of each are quite distinct , and the different pictures they present are striking . Though I ’ ve only reviewed part of the poem , what I see here makes me eager to read and work through the rest of it . ~ Dr . Jefferson ~
Fortune Nwaiwu ' s writing is luscious . It sent chills down my spine as I read . And although I love his writing , we are simply not the right company for poetry . I know if something makes me feel or not ( his poem definitely does that ), His writing is at such a high level . ~ Sandy Tritt ~ Inspiration for Writers Inc ., USA .
I feel drawn into the back and forth between the widow and widower . Nice work ! Fortune Nwaiwu has a highly descriptive style and provides excellent imagery . I like where this is going already . ~ Dave Garner ~ United Kingdom . I liked the originality of this narrative poem , the way the alternation of the two narrators allows a story to gradually take shape for the reader . The widow
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