Vital Link No 75 Summer 2019

vital link The Newsletter for Through the Roof Listening and Speaking Up Care and Compassion in Kenya Wheels for the World Team in Eldoret and Kimililli Facing the Obstacles Volunteers at the Warehouse A Cause for Worship Dorothy is 34 and lives in Eldoret, Western Kenya. She has Cerebral Palsy and severe learning disabilities, is unable to speak and has epilepsy. She is clearly well cared for by her mother, who brought her to the distribution centre. She was carefully assessed by Michael—a qualified Physio, who works with people with learning disabilities. Michael is also blind, and was assisted by Sally, a fellow wheelchair seating specialist. Unusually, Dorothy turned up in a wheelchair, however, it was totally inappropriate for her, so Michael and Sally worked hard to customise a special reclining chair to suit her dislocated hip and severe scoliosis much “It was a great demonstration of the love and care provided by the team to every person. ” better. Cushioning was put in to support her posture and enable her to breathe more easily. It will also aid her digestion and she’ll be much more comfortable. Dorothy’s chair is complicated to operate, and her mum filmed our team’s training instructions on her phone, so she can keep using the chair as intended. Both Dorothy and her Mum were delighted with this new super-chair. The team also provided a Bible and read Psalm 139 to share how precious Dorothy is to God. It was a great demonstration of the love and care provided by the team to every person. Michael was not the only disabled team member. Katie, a wheelchair user, was also a vital part of the No: No: 60 Summer 75 SUMMER 2014 2019 trip. Michael and Katie represent a growing number of disabled Christians serving God on TTR short-term missions. Katie attended our Churches inc trip to Tanzania, sharing her personal experience and teaching on disability from a Biblical perspective to churches and families. This time she offered pastoral support to disabled people and their families facing stigma and exclusion. Many tribal cultures believe that disabled people are cursed or God’s judgment on the family. This creates shame and misery, and makes it harder to seek support, so one of our aims is to pray for people to overcome these negative attitudes. The team can show recipients and families the truth about who they are, both physically—with the gift of the freedom of a chair—and also point towards the spiritual freedom that people can have in Jesus. Our team provided 147 consultations during the distribution, with every person receiving either a wheelchair or other mobility aid, and offered a Bible and prayer. We first visited this area 20 years ago, but the need is still great—your support over the years keeps on changing lives. Thank you for all your support of this distribution. You can find trip videos on our Facebook page ( There are still spaces to volunteer on upcoming overseas trips. Contact [email protected], on 01372 749955, or visit for details on donating to support future work.