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The Newsletter for Through the Roof

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The Newsletter for Through the Roof

Restoration and Roofbreakers

By Revd Trevor Hahn , TTR Board Member ,

in Rwanda Church Inclusion team member

Our first trip to Rwanda saw many people give their lives to Christ , others re-commit their lives to Him and a hugely positive response with many becoming Roofbreakers – to champion the physical and spiritual needs of disabled people .
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No : 86 SPRING 2023
Earlier this year I joined an international Through the Roof team , assembled from Zanzibar , Kenya and the UK . Hosted by Rev Dominique of FHR ( a Rwandan disability charity ), we joined our Christian sisters and brothers in Nyagatare , Rwanda , for a church inclusion trip , encouraging them to include disabled people in the church and in society .
Our international church inclusion programme equips the church with a Christian perspective on disability , helping people to be inclusive so every person is valued , and can fully participate and belong . We want to stand with local churches and groups to resource each one to ensure disabled people can be fully involved in church life and grow closer to Jesus .
The church in Nyagatare was already hard at work , running a school where Deaf children could get an education and learn a trade like sewing , hairdressing , masonry or roadbuilding . They ’ d also set up a deafblind school in nearby Kayonza , and had a Deaf choir who worshipped using sign language . It was a joy to watch .
We met with church leaders and others to teach that all people , including disabled people , are created in God ’ s image – fearfully , wonderfully and beautifully made – with gifts , skills , anointings and blessings to offer the church . The church is not complete without disabled people . As part of the training , there was an invitation for people to become ‘ Roofbreakers ’ – champions and advocates for disabled people – and everyone agreed ! A truly special moment .
The workshops with disabled people and their families were overflowing with their tremendous enthusiasm , love , joy and commitment . They were so engaged with the sessions , willing to learn and to contribute . Encouragingly , so many had wonderful gifts that they wanted to use in the church and community , including : being a singer in the church ; being an evangelist ; visiting the sick in hospital ; being advocates of people with special needs ; working together to show the love of God and teach others the Word of God ; and translating using sign language .
We had the privilege of distributing audio Bibles in the local language for people to listen to , and written Bibles for Deaf people . We were delighted to hear that people were gathering in the streets to listen to God ’ s Word – one family , most of whom were not Christian , had even committed to listen to the audio Bible during dinner .
A highlight for me were the outside events with praise , dancing , singing and worship . Many people gave their lives to Christ for the first time , and others recommitted to Him . God is doing tremendous work in Rwanda , responding to their love , joy , hunger and faith ! They have already done a great deal , and we look forward to where God will lead them next .
Our international church inclusion work is only possible with your support – thank you for enabling this trip ! Please donate to support future life-changing international work .
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