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The Newsletter for Through the Roof

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The Newsletter for Through the Roof
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No : No 60 : Summer 82 WINTER 2014 2021

“ My Candle Has Been Lit Again ”

Wheels for the World changing lives in Kenya
Victor is in his final year at secondary school , waiting to sit for his Kenyan National examination in March , before heading to university to pursue his dream of becoming an engineer . He began experiencing pain in his knees in June this year . The pain increased and after several visits to the doctor , they discovered that he is suffering from cancer . While he ’ s undergoing treatment , he felt his dreams had been shattered since he will not be able to attend school without a wheelchair . Once he received the good news that Wheels for the World would provide him with a chair , he said that he “ felt like his candle had been lit again ”. He planned to report to school at once and said he will continue dreaming big and achieve what he has desired ! His prayer is that God continues blessing the work of TTR so that it can continue giving other disabled people hope in their lives .
Victor is one of 190 people who received wheelchairs and mobility aids as part of the recent Wheels for the World supported distribution in Kenya . The supported distributions involve a trained team in Kenya , coordinating with physiotherapists and techies in the UK via online video calls , and they ’ ve been a challenging but successful way to continue the work of Wheels through the Covid pandemic .
Both teams had to deal with significant technical difficulties , due to the internet dropping out , but with time , patience and good humour , they both found a way to work together and achieve great things . Despite these and other obstacles , we thank God that we were able to provide wheelchairs and change so many lives . As always , the Kenyan team did amazing work , showing dedication , willingness , and incredible language skills .
Pastor Davis , our partner with the Hope of Glory centre in Elburgon , said , “ it was an awesome experience communicating with our experts from UK who have better understanding of the clients ’ situation , providing insights and fine details on best practices and devices .” It was an “ unusual experience , [ but ] interesting and very inspiring !”
It was empowering for the Kenyan team to be the ones actually doing the distribution .
Davis continues , “ This was an extraordinary exercise that will linger in the minds of many people especially the clients and their caregivers . Many of the disabled people in the rural parts of Kenya face challenges such as isolation , social assumptions , stigma , and stereotypes which mean the majority of them stay indoors most of the time . There have been some distorted beliefs and attitudes towards those with disabilities for decades which the TTR Church Inclusion program has done a massive job of addressing among Kenyans ... Some of the beneficiaries were very happy that they would be able to start some small business such as keeping chickens , keeping small shops ( kiosks ) or dress making . All clients
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