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vermont conversations sponsored by The Keelan Family Foundation

This series intends to spark civil discourse as we delve into topics crucial to our state and envision a viable future together .
Programs in this series are at the Southern Vermont Arts Center in the Arkell Pavilion . Registration is $ 22 per program or $ 70 for the four-part series .
Healthcare in Vermont moderated by Kathleen Fisher Tuesday , June 4 / 5:30-7 pm
The healthcare industry in the U . S . is undergoing significant change . This panel discussion will examine the issues specific to Vermont and , most importantly , what is being done to improve population health in our area .
Panelists are Tom Dee , President and CEO of Southwestern Vermont Health Care ; Lorna Mattern , Executive Director , United Counseling Service ; Keith Michl , MD FACP Internal Medicine
The Business of Vermont moderated by Anthony Surratt Tuesday , July 23 / 5:30-7 pm
A panel of experts representing business , government , and the community will discuss the current state and future outlook for working and living in Vermont and lay out a vision for harnessing the unique assets of our small but mighty state to help ensure its long-term viability and prosperity .
Panelists are Kevin Chu , Executive Director , The Vermont Futures Project ; Will Drucker , Founder and Chief Wood Splitter , Split Spirits ; Nora Foote , Head of Tech-Based Economic Development , Center for Rural Innovation ; Mike Pieciak , Vermont State Treasurer
Childcare and Early Education in Vermont moderated by Betsy Rathbun-Gunn Tuesday , August 6 / 5:30-7 pm
Last year , the Vermont Legislature made history when they passed into law a first-of-its-kind comprehensive childcare bill . What are the far-reaching effects of the programs this legislation supports ? How can local communities maximize their impact on local families and schools ?
Panelists are Dimitri Garder , co-founder and CEO of Global-Z International , Inc ., Laurie Metcalfe , Executive Director , Northshire Day School ; Aly Richards , CEO of Let ’ s Grow Kids ; Danny Sawtelle , Wealth Management Advisor , Northwestern Mutual
The Ripple Effect : How Drug Abuse Contributes to Social Disorder and Crime
James Baker , JW Leadership Consulting LLC Tuesday , September 17 / 5:30-7 pm
The history of illegal drugs and drug crimes is a complex tapestry woven with evolving trends and law enforcement responses . From the emergence of the opiate crisis to the impact it has on communities , this talk will delve into the origins and what is recognized as failing in addressing this pressing issue . And as the intersection of public safety and public health is becoming increasingly apparent , what can local communities do ?
For more information and to register , visit greenmtnacademy . org or call ( 802 ) 867-0111 .
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