UTD Journal Volume 1, Issue 10, December 2013 | Page 6

Dive Professional Residency Program This unique, eighteen-month residence course takes you from diver to technical dive instructor to instructor trainer. You will become a complete dive professional, qualified to set up and manage an international dive center or resort and train UTD Scuba instructors. You’ll work side by side with UTD instructors, divemasters, and administrators in a 30-hour per week program that provides you with daily schedules and responsibilities. While training at UTD’s Southern California facility, you will learn how to dive and teach to demonstration standards, and also how to work in the dive industry. The program is carefully designed to give you plenty of time to explore underwater, while also working as an assistant in UTD classes, teaching your own UTD classes, and ultimately training other instructors. You will complete the program with a minimum of 20 pool sessions and 120 cold water dives at depths to 160’/48m over six cycles.