USA East Music BULLETIN - WINTER 2019/20 - ISSUE 4 - Page 17

The New York Staff Band Signature & Heritage Series The New York Staff Band and USA East Territorial Music Department have launched a new Signature and Heritage series. The Signature series replaces the department’s current Triumphonic Collection and will feature three new titles a year. The Heritage series will consist of re-prints of popular American Band Journal pieces that are out of print and will feature one new title a year. Both series will be released at the beginning of October each year. NEW TITLES! Signature Series To Ask the Lord’s Blessing - Simon Morton Americana - Martin Cordner To Ask the Lord’s Blessing is based on the hymn tune Kremser and is traditionally known as a Thanksgiving song in the United States. The first line of the hymn being, ”We gather together to ask the Lord’s blessing.” 1300509, $49.95 USD Semper Fidelis - Martin Cordner This three-movement work, the title of which translates Always Faithful, was written as a concert opener. The focus of the piece is God’s faithfulness to humanity (Strength Will Rise) and the response of humanity to demonstrate faith in Him (This I Believe - The Creed). 1300507, $49.95 USD Be Still - arr. Paul Schwartz, arr. Dorothy Gates Be Still is a beautiful setting of the tune Finlandia by Jean Sibelius. The setting is based on the words “Be still my soul the Lord is on thy side.” 1300501, $49.95 USD Tone Poem—Fearless - Andrew Wainwright This tone poem reflects the uncertainty and evil that seems to be prevalent in the world today. This journey is not an easy one, but with this comes the assurance that “I’m in His hands, whatever the future holds.” The final section of the piece features a full statement of Soldier’s Hymn. 1300503, $69.95 USD The Glory of Jehovah - Dorothy Gates This fantastic major work written for the NYSB would be a great test for any band and a crowd pleaser for any audience. $69.95 USD Star and Stripes Forever - arr Dorothy Gates Star and Stripes Forever like you have never heard it before... this big band arrangement transcribed by Dorothy Gates if fun for all and puts a twist on the well-loved American March. $29.95 USD Shenandoah - Dorothy Gates This cornet ensemble written for the combined Black Dyke and New York Staff Bands provides a beautiful opportunity for any cornet section to be featured on a well loved tune. This piece is pure class. $29.95 USD Living Power - Tom Davoren Tom Davoren's new piece written for the Enfield Citadel Band is a perfect concert opener that will excite any audience and get the band going right away. $49.95 USD The Glory of Jehovah is a major work based on the entire book of Exodus in the Old Testament of the Bible. That translates into 40 chapters portrayed in 5 movements—a daunting task. The piece is very programmatic in nature and follows Exodus closely. 1300505, $89.95 USD Heritage Series Signature Series Instrumentation Manhattan - Erik Leidzen Full Score (1) Eb Soprano (1) Bb Solo Cornet (4) Bb 1st Cornet (2) Bb 2nd Cornet (2) Bb Flugel Horn (1) Bb 2nd Trombone (1) Bass Trombone (1) Bb Euphonium (2) Eb Bass (2) Bb Bass (2) Percussion 1 (1) Percussion 2 (1) Eb Solo Horn (2) Eb 1st Horn (1) Eb 2nd Horn (1) Bb 1st Baritone (1) Bb 2nd Baritone (1) Bb 1st Trombone (2) Heritage Series Instrumentation Full Score (1) 1st Cornet (6) 2nd Cornet (3) 1st Horn Eb (2) 1st Horn F (1) 2nd Horn Eb (2) 2nd Horn F (1) 1st Trombone Bb (2) 1st Trombone B.C. (1) 2nd Trombone Bb (2) 2nd Trombone B.C. (1) Euphonium Bb (2) Euphonium B.C. (1) Bass Eb (2) Bass Bb (2) Tuba B.C. (1) Percussion 1 (1) Percussion 2 (1) Soprano Eb (optional) (1) Flugel Horn Bb (optional) (1) Tenor Baritone Bb (optional) (2) Baritone B.C. (optional) (1) Bass Trombone (optional) (1) C Instrument (in octaves) (1) /usetrade Although this march was writ- ten over fifty years ago, it continues to be just as excit- ing and effective as it was all that time ago. This classic Leidzen march can easily find a place on any concert program. $39.95 USD Heralds of Victory - Richard E Holz This cornet ensemble is perfect for a concert opener or a cornet feature in the middle of any program. This classic piece has stood the test of time and continues to be a of great use today. $39.95 USD @USE_Trade usetrade TO PURCHASE call (845) 620-7481 or (845) 620-7443 WEB: Email: USE Trade