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Cover image : Trade Connection
“ Prior to the invasion of Australia , First Nations communities had established a chain of trade routes all over the continent . The exchange of goods and services was also practised between neighbouring language groups as well as other language groups across the continent .
Trading was vital to First Nation Peoples as it improved their quality of life . Trading objects such as food , seeds , stones , ochres , tools , weapons was not only a method of sharing resources but was a form of social control and lore . It was a way of honouring each other ’ s rights , boundaries , and cultural differences .
Many tribes developed good relationships as they respected shared stories of their journeys and narratives of the Dreamtime . Trade was not only linked with materialistic objects but included songs , dances and art , stories , rituals and ceremonies which connected First Nations Peoples to Land , Sea and Sky .”
Award winning Designer Maker Debra Beale In 2019 UNSW Business School commissioned Debra Beale who created this exclusive design Trade Marks

Introduction from the President & Vice-Chancellor , UNSW

UNSW ’ s Vision : To improve lives globally , through innovative research , transformative education and commitment to a just society .
UNSW Sydney is one of Australia ’ s leading universities and one of the limited number of universities , worldwide , capable of delivering research excellence and the highest quality education , on a large scale . In global rankings , UNSW is 43rd in the QS World University Rankings 2021 , 65th in the Academic Ranking of World Universities 2021 and 70th in Times Higher Education World University Rankings 2022 . We are also a member of the prestigious Group of Eight , a coalition of Australia ’ s leading research-intensive universities .
To guide the University in pursuing our vision , we launched the bold UNSW 2025 Strategic Plan in 2015 , articulating three priorities – academic excellence , social engagement and global impact .
In 2019 , after four years of implementing Strategy 2025 at an ambitious pace and scale , we undertook comprehensive consultation across the University to prepare a strategy update . The update highlighted key achievements and focused on ensuring we continued to deliver the priorities , themes and initiatives that we began in 2015 . The Strategy 2025 Update was launched in February 2020 .
The update remained true to our original vision and strategic priorities , but its scope was extended to include four priority areas ( see Table 1 ), each with a vision , themes , objectives and measures of progress . In particular , the Social Impact theme renewed our commitment to sustainable development , including the UN Sustainable Development Goals ( SDGs ), and equity , diversity and inclusion .
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