University Vision 2030 and Strategy 2025 CC-698_1219_Strategy_Brochure_2030_JOOMAG_SMALL_2 - Page 18

SIGNIFICANTLY BUILD OUR GLOBAL REACH AND REPUTATION Strategic university partnerships will promote global engagement for our students and staff and support world-leading research and innovation. International student and staff recruitment will support growth and diversity, enhance our reputation around the world and support our drive to be one of the top 100 young universities globally. BY 2025 WE WILL CULTIVATE STRATEGIC GLOBAL PARTNERSHIPS Expand our global impact and reputation by cultivating strategic international partnerships, based on shared aspirations and strengths, to enhance education, research and innovation. Joint degrees through prestigious international partnerships will open up new opportunities, with global scope, for students. PROMOTE GLOBAL MINDSETS FOR STUDENTS AND STAFF Significantly extend opportunities for students and staff to study and work in new environments, broadening their horizons and skills. Two-way collaborations and digital innovation will promote fair access to global engagement opportunities. EXPAND INTERNATIONAL STUDENT RECRUITMENT To extend our global reach, promote cultural diversity in our community and build global mindsets, we will significantly expand international student recruitment to our on-campus, online and partnership courses. BE KNOWN GLOBALLY FOR EXCELLENCE Our global reputation will develop, reflecting our focus on excellence in all our activities, including the quality of our global education and research initiatives. We will attract international talent through our recruitment of students and staff who want to be part of our success.